About Reverend Dean

The Reverend Thaddeus Dean has just retired as pastor of a small church at the foot of the Cascade Mountains. He is lonely, poor and desperately misses his wife who died years ago. Fortunately, he has a pastime.

He solves murders which are so bizarre as to seem impossible.

In each of the stories collected in this volume, Reverend Dean is challenged by a seemingly “impossible” crime. In one story, a pastor dies in front of his congregation when God appears in church and predicts his death. In another tale, three siblings are murdered—one on a sandy beach, one surrounded by wet paint and one in the middle of a mudflat—with no footprints near any of the bodies. In a third story, a woman is stabbed in her triple-locked, upper floor apartment; although she is protected by a guard dog, and three witnesses insist that no one entered or left her unit.

But those are only half the stories. Reverend Dean also investigates a suspicious suicide on a Caribbean cruise, a body which appears out of thin air in a locked garage, and a murderous shooter who disappears from an apartment surrounded by the police. Readers won't just have to guess who the criminals are, they'll have to guess how they committed their crimes.

Harking back to the stories of John Dickson Carr, Hal White has created a brilliant yet endearing sleuth who not only investigates crimes which seem insoluble, but crimes which appear impossible. But these are not supernatural stories—they are classic mysteries. And they'll leave mystery fans wanting more of Reverend Dean.